“Those who love truth must investigate many things.” 



Since it’s development in the 1970’s, the main focus of the worldwide community of facilitators certified by the Grof Transpersonal Training program has been on “self-proving” the extraordinary findings of Holotropic Breathwork. To this end practitioners have offered the work in open public workshops and private sessions, and this effort has resulted in over one million three-hour Holotropic Breathwork sessions being conducted.


During this thirty-year period, the findings described by Dr. Grof in his numerous books have been confirmed by the experiences of participants. These accounts have been examined by researchers, psychiatrists, academics and doctoral candidates, and their research and articles are collected here.


Empirical research is now a major focus of the Holotropic Breathwork community. Three studies demonstrating positive findings from exposure to this work are currently being prepared for submission to peer-reviewed journals, and more are being designed and implemented.